The Importance of Proper Fence Maintenance: Tips for Longevity and Durability

Whether you already have a fence on your property or are planning to have one installed, proper fence maintenance is important. When you take the time to maintain your fencing system, you’ll enjoy better longevity and durability from your fence. Here are some tips for properly maintaining any fence on your property.

Clear Nearby Tree Limbs and Other Growth

One of the most important tips for fence maintenance is to make sure nothing is getting in the way of your fence. Overhanging tree limbs, overgrown shrubs, and other greenery can encroach on your fence and eventually cause issues. A fallen tree limb can come crashing down on the fence post or other overgrowth can cause the fence to lean due to the extra pressure. Clearing away the overgrowth will help ensure your fence can hold itself up in the long term.

Inspect the Fence Regularly

You’ll want to check on your fence occasionally to inspect it for damage and deterioration. If you notice that your fence is dirty, starting to lean, or showing signs of deterioration, catching and addressing these issues early is ideal. You can help improve the longevity of your fencing system by preventing these small issues from becoming bigger problems that eventually break down the entire fencing system.

Clean Your Fencing System

Cleaning your fence is important for keeping it looking and performing at its best. Excess buildups of dirt and debris can deteriorate the outer layers of your fencing system, eventually breaking them down. Properly cleaning your fencing system when it needs it is important fence maintenance as well.

Apply a Protective Coating

Because your fence is exposed to the elements constantly, it will begin to weather over the years. This is true whether you’ve chosen a wood fence, ornamental iron fence, or any other type of fencing system for your property. Fortunately, many of these fencing systems have specific coatings or sealants that can be applied every few years to help protect the entire fence. For wood fences, this may involve re-staining your fence, while a metal fence may need to be repainted.

Address Fence Issues Promptly

As noted previously, addressing small issues before they become bigger problems is essential. If you’ve noticed that a fence gate isn’t latching properly or part of the fence was damaged following a storm, these are issues that you’ll want to address as soon as possible. A few repairs and other fence maintenance now can save you from having to prematurely invest in a new fence installation.

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